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Five64 is now Tekion Digital Processing (TDP). Tekion, innovator of the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail SaaS platform, has acquired Five64. Together they will continue to simplify cross-state transactions and streamline data services with transparency.

To learn more about Tekion visit us at, or to find out how TDP can help with your vehicle registration needs, email at


We put you in control, no expertise needed. Fee categories include: Tax, Title, License, and Other. We give you a uniform framework...


You will immediately recognize what to do. Fee Categories use each State's Fee Labels to intuitively help you understand whether they apply to Tax, Title, License, or Other.


We strive for perfection. Our calculations are not estimates. Over the last four years we have been processing transactions using our calculations. We understand how complex Interstate Transactions can be.


You can quickly calculate fees and print forms. Five64 identifies to whom the check is payable and how much should be paid. In some States there can be more than one check needed to pay the taxing authority. You control the process, no middleman required.


Interstate Title & Registration Program

Calculate Fees

Enter the Buyer’s Address, VIN, and the Sales Price, then select the Calculate Fees button. Five64 will return a Summary and a Detailed Version of the Tax, Title, and Registration Fees. The Summary is used by Dealers to update their Buyer’s Purchase Order.


Print Forms

There are Instructions for the Dealer and Buyer.

  • Dealer Instructions - Dealer Instructions provide State Rules for VIN Inspections, the use of the Power of Attorney Form, Notary, and Rules that apply to Vehicle Titles.

  • Buyer Instruction - Buyer Instructions helps the Buyer and Dealer understand how the title and registration process works in each State. This provides a level of comfort for the Buyer and explains options available for processing transaction and what is required in each State.


Use our White Glove Concierge Service or Ship Directly to DMV

State Forms include a Cover Sheet, Fee Breakdown, and required Forms such as the Title Application, POA, and VIN Inspection. State Forms are editable, and group print at one time, providing the required documents to send to a Buyer for signature, and/or to submit to a State for title and registration.


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